Seafront focuses on the secondary market for stock in late-stage, high-growth, venture capital backed, private technology companies. Utilizing a deep network of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and deal makers and stellar reputation of conduct, Seafront discreetly gains access to the most sought after secondary investment opportunities. In doing so, Seafront offers company founders, angel or venture investors, employees or other shareholders a valuable option of liquidity for their generally illiquid stock.

Managed Investments

If the right investment opportunity presents itself, Seafront Capital will form and manage a single purpose fund to purchase shares of stock in a target company. This structure allows for a lower investment minimum than a direct transaction.

Direct Brokerage

Seafront Capital can provide its investors with a list of companies in which we have access to selling shareholders or can assist with reverse inquiries. Seafront will manage all aspects of the transaction, facilitating communication with buyer, seller and the company to close the transfer discreetly and efficiently.

Liquidity For Shareholders

Seafront offers owners of stock in late stage, private technology companies an avenue toward liquidity. Our network includes investors of various sizes and structures – from direct sales to derivative contracts.